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Dave Sheets formed Outlaw Sales Group LLC (OSG) to drive start-up ventures and established companies to excel in sales and business development. From consulting on sales plans, to helping set-up sales organizations, OSG brings experience and passion to each client relationship.

As entrepreneurs, we understand that vision and dreams need to be coupled with sound business development in order to succeed in the long term. Ideas and products need to find their way to willing customers in order to fuel the creation of new ideas and visions.

At OSG, we have spent much of our professional lives around creative people who enjoy telling stories. Publishing is the story business. Stories are the lifeblood of who we are. We are all players in a story that is much larger than we are and we all have our part to play. At OSG, we understand how to help companies define their role in the grand story and excel as they impact the stories of others.

The Wild West has always been an intriguing backdrop for my favorite stories...the rugged trapper and trader who ventured off into an untamed land to seek their fortune or the first cattlemen and cowboys and settlers. They all were entrepreneurs. Their tenacious attitudes forged the West into what it is today. They played their parts in the grand story.

In the Wild West, outlaws were part of the romance. They could be wild cowboys who got on the wrong side of the law, or wild horses which had at one time or another been left to run free. Outlaw horses were unruly, passionate and hard to tame. But the cowboy with a strong hand, an understanding of the horse’s nature, and a persistence to ride it out, could channel the horse’s energy into a productive tool.

At the Outlaw Sales Group, our focus is to assist our clients to harness the passion in their entrepreneurial organizations and drive results that fuel further growth.