"Dave gave a presentation to our writer's group detailing the various options in the publishing world, the nuances of getting published, and options available to aspiring authors. It was extremely informative, fun and well-received. Dave's relaxed presentation style encouraged interaction with the audience. His wealth of knowledge gleaned over years working in various aspects of publishing comes through in his talk. His presentation provided fresh ideas, solid suggestions on how to get a book published (from traditional print to the exploding epub world), and encouragement to authors at all stages of writing."

Stacy Monson, president of MN chapter, American Christian Fiction Writers, hired Dave as a speaker.

"Dave Sheets presented a seminar titled "Selling and Distributing Your Book to Retail. How Does it Work?" at Christian Small Publishers Association's (CSPA) Publishers' Institute held during the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) 2012. The Institute attendees gave Dave excellent marks on his presentation style and material presented, with some attendees reporting that they found Dave's seminar the most useful presentation overall. I would personally recommend Dave Sheets as a speaker for your event."

Sarah Bolme, Director, Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA)

"When writing books and publishing, either through a traditional market or self publishing, knowledge is power. And the knowledge David Sheets holds is how book retail distribution works. No matter where an author is in his or her writing career, David’s workshop on Getting Your Books into Bookstores is a must in this ever-changing industry. With attention to detail, Sheets paints a vivid picture of exactly what the industry expects from authors, publishers, distribution centers, and bookstores as well as online book services.

Clearly taught and to the point, he shows the material in an organized fashion coupled with a modest sense of humor. Personable, Sheets makes everyone feel they can ask a question, and that no question is too basic or silly. Writers everywhere are eager to learn this knowledge, and David Sheets is the person to deliver."

Peter Leavell, Writer- Historical Fiction

"I had the pleasure of launching an exciting new interactive, multimedia, multi-platform Bible called Glo (www.BibleGlo.com) with Dave and the rest of the Immersion Digital Team in 2009. While Dave set up global distribution, I directed Zondervan’s trade and consumer marketing for the launch. Encouragingly, we sold out our entire first print run of 20,000 units of Glo in the first month of the launch and generated sales in excess of $1.5 million at retail in the first three months. The brand continues to perform well at retail both domestically and internationally – despite one of the worst recessions in Christian retail history. Dave Sheets is one of the most competent and knowledgeable international sales and distribution experts I have ever worked with – and I say this after decades of working with Fortune 100 clients. You’d be well-advised to hire Dave for any launch you are planning in the inspirational publishing industry. He knows how to make big things happen quickly on a global scale. And his fun, creative, edgy personality make him one of the most interesting, enjoyable and original people with whom you will ever work. I hope to have the privilege of working with him again in the very near future."

Brad Doll, owner - Uprising

“David is a goal directed achiever. He likes a challenge and delivers results. David is personable and works well with people at all levels of the organization.”

Doug Knox, Publisher and Senior Vice President, Tyndale House Publishers
managed David at Tyndale House Publishers

“David has the uncanny ability to find markets for the products and the skill to connect, producing great sales.”

John Van Diest, Associate Publisher, Tyndale Publishing
managed David indirectly at Multnomah Publishers

“As President of the Church Bookstore Network David and I have worked together for over two years, planning events and projects that would be beneficial both to his company and to church bookstore retailers. I found David to be creative and forward thinking. He understands this industry and knows how to market his company while benefiting yours. As a bookstore manager, I found him honest and persuasive. He never made promises that his company did not keep, but he made me believe that his company cared about the health of my bookstore and would help me make it a better store. David is a leader, encourager and should be serving in a place of responsibility in an industry that needs his kind of integrity, creativity and skill.”

Geni Hulsey, Director, The Garden Bookstore
was with another company when working with David at STL Distribution

“David was a great networker. He did a great job of developing and implementing a sales plan to distribute Glo into the retail market. He also developed strategic partnerships and relationships that helped to promote Glo and enhance Glo.” 

Ryan Raymond, Content Specialist, Immersion Digital
worked with David at Immersion Digital

“David is a Christian retail sales expert. He understands the market, has great relationships, and his experience with often complex retail channels proved valuable. He helped manage relationships with key publishers, partners, and retail outlets, and often had creative solutions to complex problems. He was a great retail-experienced consultant to the marketing team while developing packaging, point of sale and marketing materials. He is a leader and a self-starter. I've enjoyed working with and getting to know David, and would recommend working with David to bring any retail product to market.” 

Peter Centofante, Product Designer / UX / UI Designer / Brand Management, Immersion Digital
worked directly with David at Immersion Digital

“David was terrific to work with. Very knowledgeable on both the product and sales side. Works well with people, has great relationships in the Christian publishing industry. Outstanding working knowledge of international contracts, Christian retail business, content & licensing acquisitions and so much more. We will work together again in the very near future, as his expertise in these areas is invaluable to our consulting company.”  

R. Dan Merrell Jr., Co-founder, President, Propeller Consulting, LLC
managed David indirectly at Immersion Digital

“David is a dynamic executive with very good initiative and drive. He was instrumental in establishing our international network of distributors as well as our back office operations. He is very well connected in the Christian Publishing and Christian Retail industries, which helped us establish some of our strategic business relationships.” 

Nelson Saba, CEO, Immersion Digital
managed David at Immersion Digital

“Dave is passionate about his cutting edge ideas for improving the sales of products he believes in. His creativity is inspired from thinking outside the box, and his ability to streamline his vision into successful plans achieves a productive outcome. Dave has the courage to challenge the techniques of the past and ride the waves of current and future trends in order to achieve sales success. Dave is a man of character, authenticity, and integrity in all aspects of his life. He's not only the leader you want, but one you need for a successful sales team!” 

Diane Christiansen, Sales Assistant, Undisclosed Location
reported to David at Harvest House Publishers

“I've had the opportunity to both observe Dave's work performance over the years as well as work with him myself, and I can say that Dave has a strong work ethic, handles his business and people with integrity, is visionary, and has strong leadership skills. Dave has many skills and abilities to offer any company, and his gifts of creativity, networking, business development, and department leadership are some of the strongest. Rob Teigen” 

Rob Teigen, National Account Manager, Baker Publishing Group
worked directly with David at Harvest House Publishers

“I’ve known David for almost 8 years. In the time I’ve known him, David has demonstrated himself to be a man of impeccable character and integrity. David is a genuine leader, and an excellent relationship builder.”  

Dave Millheim, Business Development Program Manager, HyperFeed Technologies
was with another company when working with David at STL Distribution

“David is a very relational person. I enjoyed our association when he worked for STL Distribution. Our companies made substantial progress in working together during this time. I did not work closely with David personally, but I have a favorable impression of his work and committment to our partnership.”  

Les Dietzman, CEO, Berean Christian Stores
was with another company when working with David at STL Distribution

“David is very professional in presentation, dynamic in style, and has a good business sense as well as very personable. He comes with highest regards.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

◄Tim Underwood►
hired David as a Publishing Sales and Support in 2006, and hired David more than once

“I've worked with and for David Sheets for nearly 6 years within the Publishing and Distribution business. David is a focused and determined sales professional. He brings year of industry experience to bear and would be an asset to any organization!”

Darren Henry, Vice President of Publisher Services, STL Distribution North America
worked indirectly for David at STL Distribution

“Dave is a great creative thinker when it comes to developing sales relationships and initiatives. He's also a tireless worker who pours himself into his work.”

Steve Johnson, Global Publisher, IBS-STL
worked with David at STL Distribution

“It has been my privilege to work with David Sheets for the past eighteen months and I have found him to be an excellent leader and motivator with intense vision and drive as a problem solver and business leader. His dedication to the task at hand and his focus is unwavering. David has a charisma that endears him to anyone with whom he comes in contact. Therefore, he is an excellent personality to represent the company, whether in a public venue or private meetings. You will find Mr. Sheets to be a Publishing Sales and Marketing professional who will contribute greatly to your organization through innovative business approaches, knowledge of the market, and his ability to create customer loyalty. This gentleman has earned my highest respect and I encourage you to consider him as growth plans are developed for your organization. He would very quickly prove to be a great asset.” 

Terry Draughon, V.P. National Accounts, STL-Distribution
reported to David at STL Distribution

“David is an aggressive salesman who can “smell” an opportunity a mile away and was not afraid to persevere until we got the sale.”

Mark L Phillips, Project Manager, STL Distribution
worked indirectly for David at STL Distribution

“Dave is a formidable sales machine. He is tireless in looking for new business, and in recommending STL Distribution's services and products. He has worked hard to create the best sales team for us and to pursue many leads to build our business.” 

Andrew Clyde, C.I.O., IBS-STL US
worked directly with David at STL Distribution

“Dave has tremendous energy coupled with outside-the-box innovation and a strong drive to succeed. He is a man of integrity with strong sales and marketing skills.” 

Rick Regenfuss, VP Sales, STL Distribution
reported to David at STL Distribution

“During my time working with David Sheets (while at Multnomah Publishers) I was very impressed with his creative and tenacious approach to developing and securing new business for the Company. David was like a "dog on a bone" - he got after it and usually was successful in obtaining positive and profitable sales results. I heartily recommend David to any company looking for an effective and driven sales executive.” 

Kyle Cummings, CFO, Multnomah Publishers, Inc.
managed David indirectly at STL Distribution

“I am recommending David for any sales or sales management position within the publishing marketplace. David is the consumate professional, great follow-up and attention to detail along with a servants heart.” 

Jay Echternach, director, Walk off sales
was with another company when working with David at STL Distribution

“David is an experienced sales execute and administrator. He's earned his roles and responsibilities by working effectively in lower ranks in prior years and all the way up to a senior level. His commitment to achieving success as demonstrated by his hard work is exemplary. Bottom line David understands that business success is most often driven by an effective sales strategy and execution thereof. It's hard to find guys that get that.”

Mike Schatz, Owner, schatz & associates
managed David indirectly at STL Distribution

“I've always appreciated David's enthusiastic and postive approach to solving issues and his creativity in developing promotional plans and opportunities. David has a wealth of knowledge regarding the publishing and retail industry. It has always been a great pleasure to work with Dave.”

Kirk Blank, COO, Munce Group
was with another company when working with David at STL Distribution

“Dave is a very professional person. All of our interaction was of a very high caliber. I would recommend Dave for any leadership position.” 

Blythe Nichols, Process Analysis, Focus on the Family
was with another company when working with David at Focus on the Family

“David is a straight forward and direct supervisor who was clear in his directives, gives you the latitude to do the job, and gives credit where and when credit is due. He also stands up for those he supervises when needed. I enjoyed working under David.” 

Cliff Boersma, Sales Manager / Contracts Manager, Multnomah Publishers
reported to David at Multnomah Publishers

“David is a responsible individual with a lot of drive and enthusiasm. He managed others well, as well as worked well with others while in that position. I would consider it a privilege to serve on the same team with David.” 

Mike Bachmann, NE Territory Account Representative, Multnomah Publishers
worked directly with David at Multnomah Publishers

“Dave conducts business with a high degree of professionalism and integrity. He is consistently timely in his responses and willing to go the extra mile to provide outstanding customer service. In a perfect world, all business professionals would take a lesson from David Sheets!”

Barb Isaacson, Manager of Product Acquisition, Focus on the Family
was with another company when working with David at Multnomah Publishers

“Dave is solid (integrity), execution-oriented (gets the job done), creative (sales and marketing vision), and gets the big picture. His staff enjoys working for him, and he is a strong servant leader. I recommend Dave to any Christian publisher or ministry that is seeking leadership for its sales and marketing efforts.” 

Brian Flagler, Vice President of Administration and General Counsel, Multnomah Publishers, Inc.
managed David indirectly at Multnomah Publishers

“David continues to successfully expand on a well-rounded and stellar resume; crisp professionalism, tangible results and an unequaled work ethic support a consistent impact across an ever-changing industry.” 

Mark Yoakum, Account Executive, Multnomah Publishers
worked with David at Multnomah Publishers

“I worked with David for about 2 years and found his knowledge and expertise very valuable to my own growth and knowledge of the industry. David is a very inovative and creative in his leadership and sales strategies and would be a wonderful asset to any team. His customer service skills are some of the best I have ever seen.”

Rod Jantzen, Special Sales, Baker Publishing Group
worked directly with David at Multnomah Publishers

“I first met David when STL Distribution UK won the exclusive European distribution rights for Multnomah. David's role was to ensure communication between the organisations was efficient and that all the necessary tools were in place enabling sales to be maximized. This David achieved because our UK sales grew and whilst this was a team effort David’s contribution must not be under estimated.”

Mark Hurley, Commerical Director, STL Distribution UK
was with another company when working with David at Multnomah Publishers

“David was an empowering manager. He macro managed avoiding the pitfall of the micro manager preferring to allow me the freedom to be creative and manage my business with the churches...David is also a very nice boss and person and easy to work for...He's affirming and positive, reasonable and smart. He is a superb salesman himself and therein I always had a model before me...”  

Thomas Johnston, Manager of Church Relations, Multnomah Publishers
reported to David at Multnomah Publishers

“As a professional in the publising industry since 1982 I have had many colleagues and managers. I consider David Sheets one of the best I have worked with and for. He was my direct supervisor for over three years at Multnomah Publishers from 2002-2005. David is an excellent manager of people. He listens well and considers opinions of his staff during planning and execution of sales programs. He is innovative and has the respect of his peers and of his clients. I would hire David myself or work with him again if the occasion presents itself. He will be an asset to any organization that has the foresight to add him to their team.”

Joel Horning, International Markets Manager, Multnomah Publishers
reported to David at Multnomah Publishers

“David was extremely well organized, efficient and courteous. He managed our sales team of three as well as my position. He had an excellent rapor with others in his field, as well as internationally. It was a pleasure working for David and I wish him all things good.”

Beth-Ann Wesley, Special Markets Sales Assistant, Multnomah Publishers
reported to David at Multnomah Publishers

“It was a pleasure working with David at Multnomah Publishers. He was a valuable part of the sales team and set benchmarks on customer relations that were hard to match. He created great synergy among his team and brought out the best in their abilities. I feel confident in recommending David to any company that is looking for a person that can lead a team and set them on a solid path for growth.” 

Jason Mhyre, Marketing Communications Manager, Pahlisch Homes
worked with David at Multnomah Publishers

“David ran Multnomah's Special Markets sales team and during his tenure routinely met and exceeded sales expectations. He was a strong contributor to the publishing organization, opening new sales opportunities and directing his staff to their best performance.”

Darren Henry, General Markets Sales Manager, Multnomah Publishers
worked directly with David at Multnomah Publishers

“Had the privilege of working with David on several projects. He makes wise decisions and does an excellent job of managing people to get things done. Highly recommended.” 

Jason Sele, Information Technology Director, Multnomah Publishers, Inc.
worked with David at Multnomah Publishers

“David is a self starter, organized,energetic & works within budgets. He puts 110% of his energies into his work. He is an excellent achiever. Give him an assignment and you can count on it being completed in a timely efficient manner. He is warm-hearted in his dealings with people and his commitment to assigned responsibility.”

Bill Noller, International Publishing Director, Tyndale House Publishers
managed David indirectly at Tyndale House Publishers

“I had the privilege of traveling with David on business and got to know him well. He is creative and relentlessly focused on achieving objectives. He is not afraid of a challenge. David is a good man who grows his business by helping his customers succeed.”

Ken Stephens, President, B&H Publishing Group
was with another company when working with David at Tyndale House Publishers

“David is high energy, has great leadership skills, and is full of innovation. We have been peers in the publishing industry for a number of years now, and I have seen how he's highly respected by both those who work alongside him and for him.”

Rob Teigen, Managing Director of Sales and International Markets, Harvest House Publishers
worked with David at Tyndale House Publishers

“Dave is a go-getter with a steady stream of accomplishments at Tyndale. He's a man of integrity and someone you can count on to follow-through and make it happen.”

Joan Begitschke, Senior Marketing Director, Tyndale House Publishers
worked directly with David at Tyndale House Publishers

“Dave is strong leader and tireless worker. I would have no problem in recommending or hiring him if I had a position open.”

Berry Huffman, Asst. Director Marketing and Sales, Accosciation of Christian Schools International
worked with David at Tyndale House Publishers

“Dave and I traveled together for sales and marketing purposes. He was great with the marketing of our product, and strong with several sales pitches. Very knowledgable.” 

Gary Kelch, District Sales Manager, Tyndale House Publishers
worked with David at Tyndale House Publishers

“David traveled with Tyndale District Managers helping merchandise The New Living Bible and Left Behind series. The DMs and store personnel responded positively to his enthusiasm, knowledge and work ethic. He saw exceptional growth in the international markets by establishing great rapport; looking for new partners and developing book and Bible products to meet their specific needs. David was a delight to work with and his "can do" attitude was catching amoung the sales team Everett O'Bryan Retired Vice President Trade Sales Tyndale House Publishers.”

Ev O'Bryan, National Sales Manager, Livingstone Corporation
managed David at Tyndale House Publishers

“I found Dave to be a very honest, determined, highly enthusiastic, and extremely cheerful co-worker. He consistently exhibited a positive attitude and was kind, thoughtful, and friendly towards everyone (no matter what their rank or position). Dave would be a huge asset to any organization.” 

Becky Brandvik, Sr Director, Media, Tyndale House Publishers Inc
worked directly with David at Tyndale House Publishers

“David is a hard-working individual who quickly builds rapport and establishes credibility with his customers. He is an effective salesman even in a cross-cultural environment. He is well-liked and respected by his co-workers.”

Dave Salzmann, salesman, Tyndale House Publishers
worked directly with David at Tyndale House Publishers

“Working with Dave was a pleasure. His wisdom and insight contributed to my own efforts, and I found him to be a committed, talented manager and leader. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for insightful, positive leadership.”

Nancy A. Clausen, Sr. Marketing Manager, Tyndale House Publishers
worked directly with David at Tyndale House Publishers

“Dave was a valuable and energetic member of Tyndale's staff. He had good ideas for helping us expand our international business and was successful in implementing them.” 

Dan Elliott, Editorial Director, Tyndale House Publishers
worked with David at Tyndale House Publishers

“David Sheets is always one step ahead of his competition...maybe two steps would be more accurate. He has a keen sense of trends, a natural ability to spot what's on the horizon and -- most important -- he has excellent judgment about how to react. Over and over during our work at the Christian Coalition I saw him take a measured, proactive approach in an atmosphere that was understandably chaotic because of the nature of our work at a time when that organization was at the forefront of political influence. Yet Dave provided a presence of calm, intuitive, logical thinking that benefited the organization first, his co-workers second and himself last. Since those days, he has gone on to more extensive management responsibilities, and I have watched his career flourish. He brings new approaches, innovative thinking and an incredibly caring attitude to his work. Occasionally I cross paths with people who work (or have worked) with him and am gratified to discover that, over and over, he has proven himself to them -- as to me -- to be a mature thinker, a high producer and a credit to his employer and colleagues. If anyone has specific questions about David Sheets and would like to contact me, feel free to do so at carolyn@carolyncurtis.net.”

Carolyn Curtis, Owner, Curtis Associates, LLC
worked directly with David at Christian Coalition

“David is a skilled worker with great drive. He sets goals and accomplishes them. He gives 100 percent and has a great work ethic. He knows his business well and works hard and keeping his job knowledge up to date. He's a people person who interacts well with people at all levels within other organizations. He has a strong commitment to his employer and takes pride in his work.” 

Mike Ebert, Publications Director, Christian Coalition
managed David at Christian Coalition

“I typically shy away from recommendation letters, but in the case of Dave Sheets, I can recommend him without reservation. Dave and I worked together as Director and Deputy Director of Publishing and Creative Services at Christian Coalition. But ours was a partnership rather than manager-employee relationship. His efforts ensured that our department not only produced a high-quality magazine and other membership publications, but that we turned a profit while doing so.”

Jeffrey Peyton, Internet Products and Sales Manager, Tennessee Valley Printing
managed David at Christian Coalition